Maple Dorpers

Welcome to Maple Dorpers

Dorpers the Breed of choice if you are looking for a Sheep that has the following atributes

Intelligent  -  Fly Strike resistent  -  Worm Resistant

Self Shedding of their wool  -  Musle not Fat Meat with high yeild

Fertile and can breed any time of the year  -  Easy Lambing ideal for Hogget Mating

Ideal Lifestyle Farming Sheep which make great Pets


Foundation Ewes                                                                          Click Here for Sires

Maple 35/10 "Petunia"

Petunia has established a very good family within the Stud and is still going strong at 7 Years, her progeny are very correct on thier feet and legs

Daughters 435 "Petal" was Champion Dorper Ewe at the Canterbury Show 2015 as a Hoggett with Lamb at foot

Maple Petal 435/14


Maple Petal 435/14                    Her Ram Lamb                   Maple Pundu 1535/15


 Maple 324 "Baa Baa"

Another very good breeding Ewe

Her Daughter 523 was 1st placed under 18 month with lamb at foot at Canterbury 2016 as a Hoggett with Twins


 About Maple Dorpers

Ram Lambs are selected on the following criteria

Mothers milking ability (Weaning Weight)

Individuals Growth weight (Post Weaning Weight)

Feet and Legs, we have a scoring system for foot structure of 1 to 5, 1 being a perfect formed foot, any Ram Lambs that score over a 3 are culled

We use "DataBaa" for recording and indexing all our sheep, this gives each Lamb and Ewe an Index for growth weight, indexing has a base of 100

 Rams available from December each year, preorder now to select a top Ram

We will have a great selection of  Purebred Ram Lambs after weaning

We welcome inspection of our flock

Contact Don Edgecombe Phone 021 0338064 - Email :













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